Bills fans are used to this

October 30, 2016
You aren’t angry, are you?  You can’t tell me you’re surprised by the latest chapter in the book entitled “Tom Brady owns the Buffalo Bills”. 

We’ve seen this type of game so many times over the years, I should just re-post an old column. I’ll bet I’ve written that after previous destructions at the hands of the despised Patriots.  In Brady’s 29 career games against the Bills, this marks the 16th time he and the Patriots have scored more than 30 points. Do the math folks.  That’s more than half the time!

The only chance I gave the Bills in this game was if the defense found a way to frustrate Brady, similar to what they did in last season’s 20-13 defeat in New England.  I figured the Bills had to hold Brady and company to 20 points and most likely less given the injuries the Bills had on offense.  Brady put up 24 by halftime and for all intent and purposes, his 26th career victory against the Bills was in the books.

This loss doesn’t leave me down on the Bills.  It doesn’t make me feel this season is over.  It doesn’t mean I want people fired at One Bills Drive.  I was far more annoyed and depressed after the loss in Miami.  

All this game means is the Bills are still in need of six more victories to get to the 10 win mark, assuming that will be good enough to earn a wild card spot.  

If you need some cheering up, only three of the Bills remaining eight opponents currently have a winning record(Seattle, Oakland and Pittsburgh). Seattle, the next opponent, lost at New Orleans and only put up 20 points against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

As far as this game goes, it was a vintage performance from Brady who dissected Rex Ryan’s Bills defense for a second straight time on their turf.  Brady made the right decisions, spread the ball around, converted third downs via the pass and kept knocking the Bills back down to the canvass any time they had managed to get themselves up.

After the Bills first touchdown, which pulled them within four points(14-10), Brady led a four play, 79 yard drive that ended with a 53 yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.  As the ball was in the air and on its way to the freakishly large tight end, I saw Nikell Robey-Coleman(one of the smallest Bills) in coverage and knew this wasn’t going to end well.

The next time the Bills made it into the end zone, a Tyrod Taylor run made it 31-17 in the third quarter.  Brady gets the ball and drives the Pats 75 yards in 12 plays and a one yard touchdown run restores a 21 point advantage.

Brady was ridiculous on third downs as he converted 9 of 12 for an eye popping 75%.  He was 8-8 on third down for 149 yards and two touchdowns. 

Not surprisingly, the Bills offense was in no condition to keep up with the high flying Pats offense.  Not having LeSean McCoy made life easier for New England although Mike Gillislee did run for 85 yards on just 12 carries.  You can definitely make the argument the Bills gave up on the run too early.  Gillislee had 72 yards on 9 carries at halftime and then only two carries in the third quarter.  Granted, New England scored a touchdown just one minute into the third quarter to make it 31-10 but there was still 29 minutes left in the game so why not give the ground a shot.

Tyrod Taylor and the passing game were doing absolutely nothing. No question, the Bills receiving corps has been severely hampered by the loss of Sammy Watkins.  Greg Salas remains out and Marquise Goodwin didn’t play and Robert Woods was probably not at 100%.

Having said that, Taylor was inaccurate, with at least half a dozen of his incompletions coming via off target throws.  Taylor completed just 50% of his passes for a second straight game. Taylor missed Reggie Bush in the end zone on the Bills first possession of the game.  He slightly overthrew Walter Powell in the end zone in the third quarter but the Bills got a touchdown on that drive anyway.  Taylor threw a ball too high for Charles Clay in the end zone in the fourth quarter, although Rob Ninkovich was unblocked and bearing down on him. There were a few drops that just made matters worse but even if all of that didn’t happen, the Bills weren’t winning this game.

The seasons change, the front office, coaches and players can change but there is one constant.  The Bills aren’t in the same league as the Patriots as long as Tom Brady keeps playing.

My advice to you is to bury this game in the deep recesses of your mind and do your best Bill Belichick impersonation.  We’re on to Seattle.