Bills' Beane thinks Coleman is a low risk proposition

August 6, 2018

Pittsford, NY (WGR 550) - Before Corey Coleman arrives at St. John Fisher, he must pass a physical in Buffalo to complete the trade with Cleveland. If all goes well, Coleman is expected at practice on Tuesday.

Brandon Beane confirmed that the Bills gave up a seventh round pick in 2020 to get the wide receiver.

The Bills didn’t really have a speed receiver and Beane said that was key in the trade, “I remember scouting him in college and we did a private with him, so we got to know him a little bit and his make-up, but it hadn’t worked out in Cleveland the way they thought when they took him in the first round, so it’s a fresh start for him and to compete.

"He’s not going to automatically get anything, he’s going to have to come in here and compete and that’s what I told him.”

Coleman has been hurt a lot with two broken hands. The Bills think maybe there are some things there that the Browns didn’t get a chance to see, “That’s what you hope, but I don’t know all of what went right or wrong there and they’ve made some changes to their roster since John Dorsey got there.”

The Bills could’ve waited and hoped Coleman got cut, but there are no guarantees with that, Beane felt there's no better time than present, “I just thought now was the right opportunity to get him in here to start learning this offense as opposed to waiting any longer.”

We all know the draft is not an exact science, but you expect to get a very good player in the first round. Beane said, “Ideally guys in the first round don’t take so long and there’s various reasons whether it’s injuries or whether it’s the system, whether it’s just not a good fit for where you’re at, there’s a lot reasons.

“We’ll tell him how we do things here, what the expectations are. Sean and I will sit down with him once he passes a physical and we’ll layout our standard and what we expect. Its low risk and we’ll see what happens.”

The Bills will be back on the field Tuesday morning at St. John Fisher starting at 8:45.