Beane recognizes opportunity with draft capital, but cautions against cost of trading up

March 1, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS - The Buffalo Bills have plenty of draft capital heading into the 2018 NFL Draft.  If general manager Brandon Beane wants to climb up to take a quarterback he really likes, he’ll be able to do it.  But it will cost a lot.

On the flip side, Beane started stockpiling picks back in August when the team traded away wide receiver Sammy Watkins and cornerback Ronald Darby and got back second and third round picks from the Rams and Eagles, respectively, in the deals.  That was on top of the extra first round choice the team had already acquired from the Chiefs on draft night before Beane was hired.  

The third round pick the Bills got from the Eagles was ultimately traded to Carolina for wideout Kelvin Benjamin, but as it stands, the Bills are still in a very good position with the overall number and quality of picks they have headed into April’s draft.  They have two first rounders, two second rounders, and eight picks total through the first five rounds.

The ultimate question is, even if Beane really likes a QB and has the ability to trade plenty of those assets to get him, how does he balance that opportunity with the cost of giving up valuable picks when the team also has plenty more holes to fill?

Even head coach Sean McDermott acknowledged that there is still plenty of work to be done on the roster and that the team needs to maximize their resources to do that.

“We're not maybe as far along as some people think we are,” McDermott said Wednesday here at the NFL Scouting Combine.  “We’ve got a lot of work to do. And at the same time remaining true to who we are as an organization and our core values.

“We do have some some picks out there that are good opportunities for us to improve our football team.”

Beane recognizes the opportunity that he may have, but also cautions against making a move just to take a QB.  He also made it known how much he values the picks he already has.

“I do like my picks, you know that,” he said. “It's one of those things where if you're going to move up, especially in round one, it takes a lot. The higher you go it exponentially increases. So you have to feel good about what you're doing and you can't just go up there and ‘hey, we need a quarterback. We're going to mortgage everything to go up there.’ We’ve got to know that we feel this guy is the guy and is worth the ransom, or whatever you want to call it, that it would take to move wherever you have to move to get a guy that you think fits your long term plan.”

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