Beane: Peterman is a professional, can play at this level

September 5, 2018

The Buffalo Bills kick off the 2018 season this Sunday with a road matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

After finishing the preseason 2-2, the team was able to evaluate what is potentially in store for the group heading into the regular season. The Bills ended up landing on Nathan Peterman as the starting quarterback ahead of rookie Josh Allen, and made other roster moves to shape and mold the roster that will come out the tunnel on Sunday.

Bills general manager Brandon Bean joined John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live on Wednesday, and talked about some of the questions regarding the Bills roster. From the quarterback competition, to the offensive line and the roster cuts, Beane had a lot to say regarding the roster before the season opener.

Here is some of what Beane had to say:

Beane on Nathan Peterman winning the quarterback competition: 

"We, in this building, never lost faith in who Nate is... Outside, people just wrote him off, even in this town or, obviously, nationally. I know when we said it would be a quarterback competition, most people were saying it's a quarterback competition between A.J. [McCarron] and Josh [Allen]. They kept leaving Nate out of there and we're like 'Trust us, Nate is doing well.' When we left in June, we felt like Nate should still start with the 1s as we roll out in August." 

Beane on Nathan Peterman's skill set compared to Josh Allen: 

"He may not have the same physical talents that Josh [does], from an arm strength standpoint and not as big, but at the end of the day, he is a professional quarterback. He can play at this level, he's shown that, even last year through the mishaps. And all spring, he's shown it in the preseason this year. It's not too big for him, he can handle it." 

Beane on the trade of A.J. McCarron: 

"It was hard, really appreciate what A.J. did. This was not how he saw it or we saw it when we brought him in. We, obviously, brought him in before the draft. And he was brought in to compete and he did, and he gave it his all. There's nothing more positive I can say about A.J. McCarron, he's a true pro. For him to finish that fourth [preseason] game the way he did says a lot about his character, his grit, his moxie." 

Beane on the struggles of the offensive line: 

"The offensive line, obviously, they were very disappointed - I'm not saying anything that the guys wouldn't tell you - at what happened versus Cincinnati. It's been a couple of weeks to get back and get back to the fundamentals, what went right and what went wrong and let's fix it. Because we know there's a tall task this week in Baltimore." 

Beane on the team's cap situation in 2018 and looking into 2019: 

"To swallow the $50-plus million that we're at, at the end of the day, we know we've got a lot of money next year. We've got 10 draft picks. I actually have on college film now. We'll have one eye on the pros still, to where we can get better, but at the same time, it's time for myself, Joe Schein and Dan Morgan to join our college scouts that have already hit the road and start working. If you have ten picks, but you don't select the right guys, it's a waste." 

You can listen to Beane's entire interview below: