The Allen Report: Week 1

September 9, 2019

The Buffalo Bills' success this season, and in the immediately future, mostly lies with how good Josh Allen is at quarterback.

Personally, I was encouraged, but not overly impressed with his rookie season. There were plenty of things that the Bills and Bills fans wanted to see him improve upon in his second year.

Allen showed off some of that improvement in the first game of 2019.

The Bills made a concerted effort to be a modern, pass-first offense against the New York Jets. There were 18 called pass plays before Allen turned around to hand the ball to a running back. How long has it been since the Bills had a quarterback where that could be attempted, let alone be successful at it?

Yes, there were turnovers in the first half. They weren't completely Allen's fault, but even he would admit he bears some of the responsibility. You clean up the picks and fumbles and Allen had the Bills offense moving like a well-oiled machine.

A couple of things allowed Allen to look so accurate on the day.

Allen's lower body mechanics on the day were tremendous. Watching all of his throws, on almost all he planted his feet and stepped into his throw. This was one of the things criticized about Allen coming out of college and out of his rookie season. Against the Jets, Allen's mechanics looked much better.

Another thing that allowed Allen to look so accurate was his protection. The Bills' offensive line did a great job giving Allen time to find his receivers. A lot of quick passes could have helped the offensive line look good, but an overall good day by that group.

The stat line looks good - 24-of-37 passing for 254 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions. That's a 64.9% completion rate. He also added 38 yards and a touchdown on the ground. You give me Allen throwing for over 250 yards, getting a couple of touchdowns, and a 65% completion rate every week and the Bills have a franchise quarterback. My guess would be he's going to have rough patches before he's having his Jets performance on a weekly basis.

One throw in particular to look at in Allen's game against the Jets is the touchdown pass to John Brown in the fourth quarter.

I'm the biggest Tyrod Taylor defender in the world, but Tyrod rarely makes that pass. Allen does. That's a huge difference in the last two Bills starters. Even though Brown was not open, Allen takes a shot and trusts his receiver to make a play, because they needed to make a play.

It's a good feeling when you're down two scores and don't feel out of it. For ever, the Bills have been a team that gets behind, and it feels like the game is over. Allen now has three fourth quarter comebacks and four game-winning drives in just 12 career starts.

I'm not sold that this is the Josh Allen that we will get every week. He's been inconsistent in his entire football playing career up to this point, it's fair to expect some inconsistencies going forward. However, Allen's performance against the Jets was a great start to his 2019 campaign.

Final Grade vs. Jets: A-