Allen: 'I just want to do my job, trust those around me'

September 13, 2018

Josh Allen knew this moment would come at some point in his life. He just didn’t know when. Turns out, it got here a little sooner than many expected. But now that he’s getting his first NFL start Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers, the rookie doesn’t want to press so hard it hurts his team

“Obviously, I’m super excited and thankful for the chance to be the starter for this team,” the Buffalo Bills’ rookie quarterback told reporters this week. “This is something I’ve dreamed [of] for a very long time, but now that it’s here, just come Sunday, [I’m] just trying to do my job. I’m not trying to do too much. [I have to be able to] trust in those around me and ultimately be the quarterback that this team needs, which is, moving the ball, staying on third down and putting points on the board.”

After a three-way competition through training camp and preseason with Allen and A.J. McCarron, second-year quarterback Nathan Peterman was named the team’s starter to open the season against the Baltimore Ravens. However, last Sunday in Baltimore, Peterman went 5-for-18 for only 24 yards and threw two interceptions. He was replaced by Allen early in the third quarter, who went 6-for-15 for 74 yards and added 26 yards rushing.

“I took a lot from it,” Allen said of his first regular season game experience. “The first drive that I was in, I was a little quick to get my eyes down. As the game went on, I felt a little more comfortable and trusted in the guys in front of me and the guys on the outside, just letting them make some plays.”

One of the things that could really help Allen in his first start is if the running game could get going much better than it did Sunday when the Bills ran for a total of only 83 yards.

“I think it’s important for every offense having that running threat,” he said. “LeSean [McCoy] is one of the best backs, if not the best back in the NFL, so if we can get him going, the offense can get going. I know the [offensive] line is chomping at the bit to get going and do their thing. I don’t think we’re taking much of a different approach, but [offensive coordinator Brian] Daboll will get us ready by the time Sunday comes.”

When that game comes, it will be in front of Bills fans inside their home stadium of New Era Field, something Allen knows can really be to his benefit.

“Obviously, having a little bit of home field advantage, the field is going to be a little bit quieter on third down here than it is going to be away, so that’s always a plus,” the seventh overall pick said. “Then, just the attitude that the guys have defending our dirt here. It’s something special [and] we take pride in it, so we’re looking forward to having our home opener here.”

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