Allen gets red zone work with starters; Proehl, Streater make highlight reel grabs

June 13, 2018

As the Bills continue to rotate quarterbacks with the starting offense, Wednesday was A.J. McCarron’s turn to take the reins.  Up to this point throughout OTAs and minicamp, it’s been McCarron and Nathan Peterman going back-and-forth each day getting their crack with the starters, the other running the second team, and rookie Josh Allen working with the third unit.  Allen did get six snaps with the starters Tuesday.

Wednesday there was another new wrinkle.  Allen got the first shot with the starters when they opened their offense vs. defense portion of practice, as it started with a red zone session.  

Allen’s first pass was intended to be a screen to his right, but the ball was knocked to the ground by an oncoming defender.  On the next play, he didn’t see anything he liked and ran around the right end for about a five yard gain.  Then on the third play, Allen saw wide receiver Jeremy Kerley start to break to the corner of the end zone and immediately threw the ball to where he would eventually be.  Kerley was covered fairly well, but as the defender on him turned, the ball was already in flight and was zipped in too fast for him to react.  It was a tight window, but Allen found Kerley for a touchdown.

Those types of throws seem to happen on a daily basis with Allen, but he also is still learning the nuances of throwing certain passes.  For example, on a later series, Allen had a wide open receiver in the end zone at the sideline.  All he had to do was use a little touch to get it to him and it was an easy six points.  Instead, the rookie fired the ball harder than he needed, which caused it to stay too high for the receiver to be able to bring down.  

As far as other offensive personnel, Russell Bodine was back at center with the first unit, while Ryan Groy went with the twos.  Marshall Newhouse started at right tackle for Jordan Mills, who had been in that spot every other day the media was able to watch.

Rookie Austin Proehl had the catch of the day.  During red zone work, Peterman rolled left and did a very good job to throw the ball back across his body to the middle of the field and back of the end zone.  The 5’ 10” Proehl went up high to grab it and, as he came down, while his body was falling out of bounds, was somehow able to tap both feet inbounds for a touchdown.  

In the two-minute portion of practice, McCarron threw what was essentially a Hail Mary from about the 40 yard line.  Rod Streater was the only wideout who had any shot at it, as he was sandwiched between two defenders while running across the goal line towards the back of the end zone.  But Streater continued to track it and the ball fell into his arms for a touchdown just as he was about to hit the end line.

Things got a little sloppy towards end of practice.  There were multiple penalties on both the offense and defense, a time out had to be called by the offense, and there were a couple of dropped passes.  But UDFA kicker Tyler Davis out of Penn State lined up for and drilled a 65 yard field goal to end practice.  He struck the ball so well it cleared the cross bar by good 4-5 yards over it.

Here are some videos from the day’s practice.  The team will hold their final minicamp session Thursday at noon.

Much more overcast and cooler day for Bills minicamp today:

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 13, 2018

Video: DL ball get-off drill.

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 13, 2018

Video: Josh Allen deep ball going right over you.

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) June 13, 2018

For the Alabama people who asked yesterday, here’s a very quick vid look at WR Robert Foster. Josh Allen is the QB.

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