The 3-2-1 - playoff style!

January 4, 2018

With the Buffalo Bills ending the drought, just about everything is getting tagged with a “Playoff edition” or something along those lines. Heck, today the big voice guy called it “Playoff Thursday”. So I’ve taken a few moments away from playing with my PLAYOFF DOGS to type this up on my PLAYOFF LAPTOP and bring you this PLAYOFF EDITION of a column I write from time to time.

This is the 3-2-1.  Three quick points structured in a way to raise awareness of the NHL’s desperate need to move to a 3-2-1 scoring systems. Three points, all on the Bills and their playoff appearance. Away we go!


3 Points - Bills Past and sticking it to Doug Marrone:

I had a guy on Twitter tell me to get over it. I’m over it entirely. I was very happy the day that Doug Marrone left because he’s a miserable person that makes life for those around him pretty miserable. I’ve got endless #sources who were quite happy that he opted to leave the Bills. I’m not bitter about an ex leaving. I’m not upset that he quit. I’ve been told enough stories about the way that he treated people around him, that I’m quite happy that he’s no longer the front door of the Bills franchise.

He’s just nothing like I want my coach to be. There are things to like about McDermott, mainly how much his players seem to like him and buy in. That’s worth something I guess. Ending this playoff drought hasn’t led me to any sort of conclusion on the Bills' current coach and whether or not they’ve found the right guy for the job… but at least they’re not stuck with that other guy. I mean, he clashed with Fred Jackson. What else do we need?

Drop the grudge? Maybe he’s a nice guy. Nah. It’s too much fun to hold it. I’m keeping it. It's not bitterness, it's reveling in having someone to root against.  


2 points - Bills Present: When would you BILLIEVE?:

We had a caller this morning ask us this question: At what point in this season would you believe the Bills have a realistic chance to win the Super Bowl?  

I joked… up by 17 in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. That’s probably not the real answer, but currently I have absolutely zero belief that this team could win it all. The caller, Phil from Syracuse, did trigger a memory for me, and I think it works pretty well.

The Orange got in to the tournament that year as a bubble team, a 10 seed, and at the expense of St Bonaventure in the eyes of many. Having seen very good Cuse teams in the past I had no expectation of a deep run. I flat out said that I didn’t think they were all that good.

With wins over the 7, 15, and 11 seed the Orange made it to the Regional Final against Virginia. The tournament had fallen SU’s way and with a stunning comeback win over the Cavaliers they’d earned a spot in the Final Four. At that point, I had to marry the fact that I didn’t think they were even that good with just how hot they’d become. It turned into… “Screw it, win the damn thing!”  

**COUGH-Syracuse lost their next game to top seed North Carolina-COUGH**

Picture Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s with the “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy” as he goes skinny dipping in the hotel pool.  

If the Bills win… I’ll feel like that. Next thing ya know, you could be a lot further along than you think.  


1 Pointer - Bills Future: The inevitable quarterback discussion

We’ve already started to hear it… what can Tyrod Taylor do to solidify the job as the starting quarterback next year? It is a great question. I don’t want to totally rule it out, but the passing game in the postseason is likely to look about the same as the regular season. This offense had sub-200-yard passing games and a couple sub-100-yard games as well.

We’ve gone over all of the reasons: wide receiver weapons are lacking, the system isn’t great, the line sometimes has issues and of course the quarterback tends to shy away from taking chances and making tight window throws.  

What can he do? Win, I guess.  

Sometimes that’s not even enough. The 2000 Baltimore Ravens, stacked with one of the best defenses of all-time, won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at quarterback. While the Dilfer point is made often, the fact that they IMMEDIATELY replaced him the following year isn’t mentioned enough.

If you win with a bunch of games with some problems, you would probably aim to fix those and win more the following year.

If I drive to Boston with a broken fuel gauge, my tire low, and no mirrors on the car... that doesn’t mean that life is all of a sudden the way I’m going to drive. You fix problems and always try to improve. All the writing on the wall would indicate that Tyrod Taylor won’t be the long-term starter for this team. Who will be? Don’t know… 

But I’m going to keep saying it: The Bills will LOVE Sam Darnold.

Why do I say that? Listen to a few episodes of his podcast here. He comes across as a "Process" guy. He loves football Monday-Saturday. It's hard to put into words, so I'll just say the entire time I listened I felt like I was listening to Sean McDermott as a quarterback, with a little more thoughtfulness and a little less fear of saying how he really feels about something. He had great guests on the show and I'd recommend it to anyone doing some scouting on thsse quarterbacks.

For Taylor, who might also be all of those things, I'd say it's just win baby. We’ll have a whole offseason (minus at least one week) to talk about what to do from here.

Thanks for reading!