The 3-2-1

August 2, 2018

This is the 3-2-1, a quick tri-force of opinions written in hopes of raising awareness on the NHL's need for a 3-2-1 point system.


3.) Josh Allen

For the first time at training camp, I saw a singular play where I’d bet the Buffalo Bills can go back on film and say “We needed Josh there.”

One of Josh Allen’s strengths is making plays while on the move. If you watch some of his best plays in college, he’s on the run. Most of the great on-the-run throws for Allen are those in which he is going to his right, and the play I’m going to mention specifically is one in which the quarterback, A.J. McCarron, was rolling to his left… but still.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane told our Sal Capaccio that he would compare the quarterbacks in this year’s draft by asking himself (and the staff would do this too)… effectively, "What would Baker have done with this play? What would Darnold had done here?"

Applying that same measure to this throw… Allen might have given the Bills a better chance at a touchdown.

Ray-Ray McCloud runs a sideline route into the enzone in red zone drills, and there’s nothing there as McCarron scrambles from the pocket. McCarron does a nice job keeping his eyes downfield, and sees McCloud turning back toward the middle of the field. McCarron maybe sees it late, or maybe throws it late, but either way time’s running out for McCloud who has turned back toward the middle of the field along the backline. As McCarron throws, the ball sails and wobbles through the air. McCloud leaps to grab it, and is unable to come down with the ball in play, as the corner on the play comes over to help break things out or use the back line.

In that moment I thought… Allen throws it there. Would it be on target? Don’t know. Would it have gotten there in time? I think so. I think Allen gives them a better chance on that type of play and I’d imagine the Bills do too.  

One play, and it’s not something to build an offense around… but it stuck with me. McCarron might win the job to start because he can be relied upon to make some easier plays and “not get you beat”. Once Allen goes in, it’ll be a ride… and I’d bet the Bills are hoping he gets opportunities just like that play.

Funny enough… shouting “Nice job, Ray Ray” was Allen immediately after the play, as he urged on his teammate.


2.) The Update on the Other Five

  • The One with the Good First Impression - Funny story from Cardinals camp… Josh Rosen made a GOOD first impression.

You know, the egomaniac millennial thinks he’s too smart for everyone and has an attitude Rosen? Turns out he’s doing OK. On his first huddle with his new team at traninig camp he just... introduced himself. Nice kid. (Don't @ me, Josh Allen seems nice too, and for that matter all of the quarterbacks do. Be able to talk about this class without freaking out, ok? We're gonna be doing it a lot)

No doubt Bills fans will be tracking Rosen’s career as closely as any other young quarterback that has come out the last two years… and while he’s done nothing in the league to this point… I’m still building that fear bunker.


1.) Continued Death to the Fade

I just want to get on the record before the season starts that I’m not down with the inevitable fade passes the Bills throw this season. I saw, just two weeks ago, a stat laying out that over the last two seasons the play that is LEAST likely to succeed at the goalline… is the fade. Don’t ask me to find it because it was on Twitter and we talked about it on the show and now it has disappeared into the mountain of football stats and takes out there. But it’s out there. I promise.

The Bills have Kelvin Benjamin, and they’re going to throw him fades. Some of those fades are going to work, but most likely they won’t. On Thursday, Benjamin caught one right in front of me and Paul Hamilton. It was a nice throw, and a nice catch while covered. Problem is the Bills actively bring that 12th defender, the sideline, into play on that throw. Perfect throw and catch but… in an awful spot. Benjamin’s nice effort was rendered incomplete due to that 12th man.

Stop throwing fades.