The 3-2-1

February 1, 2018

The 3-2-1

A quick series of points, designed to raise awareness for the NHL's need to implement a 3-2-1 scoring system.  


3.) My plan at quarterback

The question I’m asked most these days, and the one I expect to hear over and over leading up to the draft is, “So what would you do?” The answer for me is a tough one. I feel better talking about what I would have done, rather than what I would do from here.  

This is not a column about how the Bills should have tanked, so no need to brace yourself for the merits of drafting high. It is, however, where I’m going to point out that if I were running things, the Bills would probably have a higher pick. They’d also not be thinking about drafting a quarterback.

I would have taken Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, or Deshone Kizer last year. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Bills kicking the decision down the line another year and stockpiling for a move up in this year’s draft. The morning after the first round last year, we had the conversation with Sal Capaccio that the Bills were likely targeting the 2018 draft for their quarterback. My response was, as I’ve chronicled before, to shout “Lose a bunch of games!”. It seems pretty simple to me… if you want the quarterback next year, then you’ve got to do what it takes to get that done. The two first round picks are a start, but they don’t get the job done.  

I’d have picked a quarterback. They didn’t. 

I’d have moved on from Tyrod to better position for this year’s draft. They didn’t.

The Bills wanted to win now, and stockpile.  

In that regard, they nailed the first part of the plan. Now comes putting that stockpile to use, and making the right decisions. (Mutters under breath - Ask the Sabres how not to do that)

So what would I do? I wouldn’t be in this spot. I’d also still have that pesky drought.

So I’ll do what I have been doing… building fear bunkers for Mahomes and Watson, building more fear bunkers for the guys at the top of the draft that the Bills can’t get up to take, and crossing my fingers that they get this call right.

They had a plan going back to last year’s draft and this year is about watching them execute it. They can trade up. They can sit at 21 and take the best quarterback there. 

I’m good as long as they take one.

My plan is…to see if their plan works.  


2.) Gary Bettman turns 25 and gets the snark cannon

Scott Morrison of Sportsnet posted a piece on Thursday, looking back at what Gary Bettman has done for the NHL in his 25 years at the helm. In the piece the following quote from the newly hired commish appears:

“I believe that a commissioner has the responsibility to run the game as well as he can for the benefit of everyone, the owners, players and the fans. The owners are my employer, but the way a league performs well is by making the product as attractive as it can to the greatest number of fans. And I believe that by making the sport as attractive as possible, as a sport and an entertainment product, that we will be in a position to satisfy all the needs, those of the owners, those of the fans, those of the players, as well.”

So when does he start?



1.) Chip on the shoulder, or off the old block

As we head to draft season and talk about all the quarterbacks non-stop, we’re going to hear that some of the players are motivated by criticism. Baker Mayfield is one that has been told that he’s not good enough or too short plenty of times. He’s one that chirps back on social media, and will most certainly develop an attitude of having rabbit ears.

I bring all this up to reference a quick anecdote from Bruce Feldman’s book, “The QB”.  Feldman writes that Aaron Rodgers, at age 30, still had a rejection letter from a Purdue assistant coach that wished him luck in pursuing a college football career.

It's wild to think that after all those years, and all that success, Rodgers would still have that.

To some, that's holding a grudge... but Rodgers says it's to remember where he came from.

Rodgers is often talked about as arrogant, aloof, and here, holding on to old slights. 

Al Davis had it right... Just win, baby.