The 3-2-1

November 7, 2017

The 3-2-1 - Jordan Matthews, the Sabres Mess and one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Three quick points presented in a 3-2-1 format to raise awareness of the NHL's need to go to the 3-2-1 point system. Do it, Gary.


3.) Jordan Matthews

We talked a bit this morning on the future of the Bills offense. It seems to me the acquisition of Kelvin Benjamin makes it quite likely that Jordan Matthews is here for just the one year. While it’s hard to forecast what he might fetch on the open market I think it’s fair to suggest he could get a deal in Robert Woods neighborhood. Woods was a solid #2 wide receiver for the Bills that didn’t get used all that much. Matthews, almost regardless of how this season ends, will finish with his worst season from a production standpoint.

In three years with the Eagles Matthews was targeted over 100 times. That led to an average of 78 catches, 930 yards, and seven touchdowns per 16 games.

In four seasons with the Bills, Woods averaged 57 catches, 688 yards, and three touchdowns.

Woods signed a five-year, $39 million dollar deal with the Rams, with $15 million guaranteed in the first two seasons.

Matthews has a better body of work so it’d make sense for him to get more money.

The Bills have a young cost-controlled wide receiver in Zay Jones, and a true outside target in Kelvin Benjamin. If Matthews is looking for any kind of significant money, he’s likely going to get it elsewhere. The Bills can get another wide receiver in the draft, or a bargain in free agency. Matthews likely just doesn’t fit the long build.

Signing Matthews makes it tougher to sign Benjamin too. Matthews came in as part of a trade that brought with it a third rounder. He can leave and the deal still produces something for you. Benjamin was acquired for a third round pick, and if he doesn’t sign here, it turns out to be a rental.

If you’re picking one, you’re picking Benjamin. If you’re picking two, it likely means Benjamin and someone else.


2.) The Mess

The Sabres… are a mess. The tank snagged a great player. The post-tank build has been… a disaster. They've gone from an 81 point team in 2016 to...this. Now we’re on to another general manager and another coach and it’s more losing. This team was terrible out of the gate before the tank too, so before you blame the tank accept that this has happened pretty much since the Briere-Drury days. Only ONE season since then were they great out of the gate. In Tyler Myers' rookie season they just about went wire-to-wire with the division.

Every other year… we’re just about here.

Now Phil Housley is in charge and... no one seems to be mad. Dan Bylsma got mad. Lindy Ruff got mad. Heck, Ron Rolston openly hated his team! (Or so it seemed).

I don't know what it will take for the Sabres to snap, or snap out of this. It sure looks like a mess to anyone watching.

The $20 million dollars invested in Kyle Okposo (4 points), Matt Moulson (0 points), and Zach Bogosian (0 games played and what would you count on anyway at this point), and Josh Gorges feels like an anchor. A turnaround is… ugh. I can't say I believe it's going to happen this year. I just wonder if anyone over there is ever going to seem like they're upset about it.

It's not supposed to be this hard to be good.  


1.) Binge Listening

Now that I’ve finished up Stranger Things Season 2 and Ozark, I’d been seeking my next entertainment addiction. I stumbled upon it while going through available books on tape.

When was the last time you came across a book that just took over your life? That’s where I’m at with “American Kingpin” by Nick Bilton. This book tells the story of Ross Ulbricht, founder of The Silk Road, and the world’s pursuit of him.  

I’m never comfortable saying that I “read” a book when in reality it’s being read to me on tape. That said, I’m blazing through this thing. If you’re looking for an incredible story that takes you into a world you might not even know is out there… I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m only 25-percemt of the way in and I feel like I’ll have this thing finished by tomorrow afternoon.  

Got a book that had the same effect on you? Let me know. A long time ago I had kicked around the idea of book reviews on this site. We’re all in this to have some fun and learn some stuff, right? Hit me up.