04-21 Card of the Day: Doug Bodger

April 21, 2020



I had two reasons for making this choice today's "Card of the Day", neither of which have anything to do with Doug Bodger. I liked Bodger just fine, so I'm not taking a shot here, I'll have you know.

In a box in my basement I found a stack of postcard-sized cards of the 1988-89 Buffalo Sabres. Postcard-sized? Well, they're actual postcards. The back is white with a Blue Shield logo on one side and a place for a stamp in the upper right. You can mail these.

So, why this card?

The NFL's Los Angeles Chargers unveiled strikingly beautiful new uniforms on Tuesday. Bright light blue and a deep yellow. They're rightly getting lots of credit for creating such a terrific look. I echo that sentiment as I love them too.

I just wanted to raise my hand and point out for the first 25 years of their existence the Sabres wore almost exactly the same colors. It's long-winding and complicated to try to explain or figure out why they haven't worn those colors since (except for that one long-retired third jersey with "Buffalo" across the front). Seems like it's happening next year, so, good. But this color scheme that the Chargers seem to get credit for owning isn't exclusively theirs.

So the colors were one impetus for my choosing this card. But why Bodger, a good defenseman for the Sabres for eight seasons, and not certain others from this set? (Others include Pierre Turgeon, Dave Andreychuk and Sabretooth.) Because Mark Messier is in the shot.

There are "player collectors" who try to acquire every card of their favorite players. Some of those collectors go as far as to include cards where their guy is in the background.

So for you Mark Messier collectors out there, here you go.

Photo: Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk)